Leslie Ann Hauer Art

"Kettle River Wetlands" (6"x8", oil on panel)

"Afternoon Pines" (9"x12", oil on panel)

The pine trees glow in the sun!

"Kettle River Ripples" (8"x10", oil on panel)

The river was an amazing green along the shorelines, with orange weeds and reflections further out.

"Lambs' Ears" (8"x8", oil on panel)

"North from Kettle River Campground, October", (9"x12", oil on panel)

April's mud-flat was a lake in October.

Artist in Residence,

Lake Roosevelt National Recreation Area

I was delighted and honored to be invited to serve as one of the 2017 Artists in Residence Program for the Lake Roosevelt National Recreation Area. I chose to split my two weeks into a visit in April and October. The contrast was amazing -- low water level in the spring, a lake in the fall; interesting sand-bars and shorelines in the spring, luminous reflections in the fall. Here are the plein air paintings that I completed during my time in the NRA. All paintings are available for sale, though one will be donated to the LRNRA before the end of 2017. Please use the contact form if interested.

"North from Kettle River Campground" (9"x12", oil on panel)

October, 2017

"Kettle River Twilight" (6"x8", oil on panel)

The first (and possibly the last!) "nocturne" I've tried. It's very challenging to catch the rapidly changing light at dusk... and then it gets really dark!

There was paint left when I finished the Kettle Falls picture, and I hate to waste... so I painted the exposed bank, multiple shorelines left by the receding water level. In October, the lake entirely covered the area.

"Kettle River, October Showers" (6"x12", oil on panel"

"Kettle Falls Was Here" (12"x9", oil on panel)

This is the view to the west, across the Kettle River, from the viewpoint at the St. Paul Mission site. Very low water level exposed the top of the falls, covered when Lake Roosevelt was formed behind Grand Coulee Dam.

April, 2017

"Shorelines" (7"x5", oil on board)

"Kettle River, October Morning" (9"x12", oil on panel)

This view is to the south, from the Kettle River Campground.